Hi! I'm Gracie, the founder of Rock Goddess Crystals.

I've been intrigued + fascinated by crystals + stones since I was​ very young. I used to have a huge collection of gemstones, crystals, + other random stones that I used to keep in a wooden box that I bought from a vintage emporium. I didn't know anything about crystals when I was younger, but I was very drawn to them. My love for crystals continued to flourish + I thought that it would be an absolute dream come true if I could build a business that focused on my passion. In recent years, when I wasn't handling my anxiety very well, I was researching things that could help + from there, I learnt all about crystals + their healing properties. I also started having reflexology, which very much complimented everything that I was learning about crystals + the chakras. Using crystals to enhance your everyday life + to fill your home with positive vibes is something that I feel passionate about sharing. Crystals are also such a special way of spreading love, positivity, + comfort to people. But also, who wouldn't want some crystal magic in their life, especially as they are so beautiful to look at?!


Shop our individual, special, + unique crystals now to fill your life + home with positive vibes, + create your own energy! ✦

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