Our Packaging

Both our packaging + crystal description cards is what makes Rock Goddess Crystals such a unique + thoughtful crystal shop, perfect for gifting to yourself or a loved one.


All of our crystals here at Rock Goddess Crystals come beautifully packaged, with a little crystal description card that states the crystal’s name + its healing properties. This means that you, or anyone you’re buying a crystal for, will know how the crystal/crystals will enhance your/their life!


All of our small crystals come in a lovely little white gift box. Your crystal will be beautifully wrapped with tissue paper inside of the box too. Our crystal description card will be placed inside of the box with your crystal.


Any larger crystals that do not fit inside of our boxes will be wrapped beautifully in bubble wrap + tissue paper to protect it, + placed directly in the delivery box. Our crystal description card will be stuck onto the tissue paper of your bigger crystal.

Some of our very small crystals (including our tumblestones, XS angels, + our crystal keyrings) will arrive in a little hessian bag, which are perfect for you to re-use + carry your small crystals around with you throughout the day! Our crystal description card will be placed inside of the hessian bag with your crystal.


All of our crystal kits come in a lovely hessian drawstring bag, along with a leaflet that states the crystal’s names + their healing properties, so you or whoever you’re buying for, knows what each crystal’s energies are.


You can shop all of our gorgeous crystals here. Happy shopping!