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Crystal Healing Properties

*Please read our disclaimer before choosing crystals for any healing purposes*


Different crystals hold different vibrations + energies that affect + change the vibrations of the environment that they are placed in, as well as the vibration of those around them. Different crystals have different healing properties which can be used for various things.

This blog post will take you through all of our crystal's healing properties, so you can easily see a summary of all of them in one place!



Agate is a very stable and grounding stone that brings emotional, physical, and intellectual balance. It has the power to provide harmony between positive and negative forces, providing soothing and calming energy. Agate's multiple layers can bring hidden information to light, and improves concentration. This crystal helps you to overcome negativity and bitterness of the heart, and also creates a sense of safety and security by dissolving internal tension. It also has an emotional and physical cleansing effect.

You can purchase your own agate crystal here.



Amazonite is a balancing stone, known as the Stone of Truth and the Stone of Courage. Its blue-green colour aligns it with both the heart and the throat chakras and helps to balance them, as well as helping to release any toxic emotions. Amazonite's calming and soothing energies will help you in times of stress, and will also help to protect you against negative emotions, as it promotes tranquility, peace, and understanding. This crystal also helps you move beyond the fear of judgement and confrontation, so you are able to express your true, authentic self.

You can purchase your own amazonite crystal here.



Amethyst is an intention crystal that emanates calming energy, bringing you the relaxation that we could all use after a long day. Let amethyst’s energy soothe away the day-to-day stresses and strains, help balance mood swings, and dispel anger, rage, fear, and anxiety. Amethyst also assists in encouraging our growth towards our higher potential, and provides spiritual protection. It boosts your inner strength and is the perfect complimentary healing tool for meditation and yoga. Amethyst crystals can also help those who suffer with insomnia and nightmares.

You can purchase your own amethyst crystal here.



Angelite enhances your connection with your angels, spirit guides, and the divine realm, and aids in connecting you to your higher self. It encourages you to come home to yourself and feel the presence of angels, so you will never feel alone again. Angelite provides protection and helps you to speak your truth, as well as helping you to be more compassionate and accepting, especially of things that can't be changed. Angelite creates a deep feeling of peace and tranquility, soothing away your worries and stresses.

You can purchase your own angelite crystal here.



Aragonite is a reliable grounding, earth-healer stone. It is attuned to the Earth Goddess, deepening your connection to the earth. It's a great stone to have in times of stress, as it has the ability to centre and ground physical energies. Aragonite teaches patience and acceptance, and provides you with strength and support when you need it. This stone restores balance and raises your vibrations to a high spiritual level, bringing energy into the physical body.

You can purchase your own aragonite crystal here.


Black Obsidian

Black obsidian is a powerful cleanser of psychic smog created within your aura. If you find yourself drawn to the crystal and its intense vibes, it could be a sign that you are in need of a deep psychic cleanse. It protects and shields you from shadow traits and negative energies including anxiety, anger, and addiction, by acting as a mirror to your inner self. Black obsidian is known for helping to break negative attachments to people and can assist you in releasing disharmony that has built up in your day to day life.

You can purchase your own black obsidian crystal here.


Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is a psychic shield that can be used to both repel and protect against negative energy. It is highly useful in purifying and neutralising any negative thoughts and internal conflicts, and turning them into positive energy. Black tourmaline is extremely powerful for anxiety. It helps to soothe panic attacks and makes you feel instantly calm and relaxed. Black tourmaline also provides an excellent shield against environmental pollutants and radiation from technology and can also be used to treat motion sickness.

You can purchase your own black tourmaline crystal here.


Caribbean Calcite

Caribbean calcite was first discovered in 2019 and is a natural mix of blue calcite, brown aragonite, and white aragonite. This crystal has a calming influence and is amazing at soothing away anxiety, and providing an overall sense of calm and serenity. It activates the mind and aids in removing blockages, helping to channel your higher consciousness and psychic abilities. Caribbean calcite also has the power to provide enhanced dream insight and can even help you to lucid dream and astral travel.

You can purchase your own Caribbean calcite crystal here.



Celestite derives from the Latin word for 'heavenly' and for good reason. Its gentle, uplifting vibration means that it is a great stress reliever and will be amazing for your emotional state, especially as it helps link us to our inner guardian angels, so you will never have to face your struggles alone. Celestite is beneficial for calming any fears and anxieties, and stilling a chaotic mind from the daily stresses that we encounter. This beautiful crystal also promotes purity of heart, hope, and good fortune.

You can purchase your own celestite crystal here.



Citrine is a happy stone that has the ability to impart joy to all who behold it. It carries the power of the sun and is therefore extremely energising and warming - you will be able to feel a deep connection to the energy of the sun and light that is embodied within it. Citrine is a stone of abundance; it attracts wealth, prosperity, success, and all good things towards you. Citrine acts as a source of positive energy in all aspects of your life, raising your vibration and helping you embrace positivity and optimism.

You can purchase your own citrine crystal here.


Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is known as the master healer + is the most versatile healing stone of all crystals. It is essential to manifesting intentions + it amplifies the power of your intentions too. Clear quartz has a high vibration that helps to clear your mind, + helps align you with your highest self. It balances the physical, mental, emotional, + spiritual planes, + is often associated with space, purity, patience, + creation. It helps protect against negativity + helps connect you to your higher self. It will absorb, store, release, + amplify any energy surrounding it. You can purchase your own clear quartz crystal here.


Green Aventurine

Green aventurine is an all-round healer; it is a comforter, heart healer, and harmoniser that protects the heart, and also dissolves negative emotions and thoughts. By clearing away negativity, it encourages harmony and balance, which boosts your confidence and opens your energy field to attract new possibilities and opportunities. Green aventurine promotes prosperity and optimism, enhancing your manifestation power, especially around abundance, finances, and wealth.

You can purchase your own green aventurine crystal here.


Green Quartz

Green quartz will open your heart while healing and stabilising your emotions, helping to maintain balance within your body. Meditating with green quartz can bring truthful desires up from the depths of your heart. It is perfect for stimulating creativity and intuition, and has the ability to transform negative energies into positive energies. Green quartz can also bring you success, prosperity, and abundance, and can help you feel empathy and universal love for others. It is therefore a great stone if you tend to be a bit controlling or selfish. You can purchase your own green quartz crystal here.



Hematite is a very grounding and protective stone that calms, centres, and balances you with its intense but subtle vibrations. It brings you back down to earth, calming the mind and putting your spirit at ease. Hematite absorbs negative and toxic energies, and removes self-limitations, self-doubt, stress, and anxiety; this also encourages confidence within your being. It's also a stone of the mind that enhances focus, concentration, and memory retention. Hematite is a bringer of strength, and infuses you with courage.

You can purchase your own hematite crystal here.



Jasper is a manifestation stone that abosrbs excess energies to help with energetic balance. They are the nurturers, the healers, and the spirit stones of courage and wisdom. Jasper's strong, grounding energies are remarkable for attaining emotional stability, and bouncing back after dealing with a conflict or crisis. It provides comfort, security, strength, and healing, and its presence balances the aura to a level of wholeness and peace. Jasper also stimulates the imagination, and transforms ideas into action.

You can purchase your own jasper crystal here.



Lepidolite is an extremely calm and tranquil stone; it has ultra-soothing vibrations that balances the mind and spirit. This gorgeous stone is very powerful for helping you get a good night's sleep - it puts your mind at ease and guides you towards a state of peace and serenity. Lepidolite is also very helpful in stabilising your mood; it's filled with feel-good vibes that will harmonise your emotions that may be causing turmoil within your being. Lepidolite also allows you to connect to your higher self.

You can purchase your own lepidolite crystal here.


Mahogany Obsidian

Mahogany obsidian is a natural glass obsidian that has inclusions of magnetite or hematite, creating the mahogany colour throughout the stone. It is a very protective stone and is therefore perfect for people who feel vulnerable to psychic or energy attacks. Mahogany obsidian is grounding and stabilising, and encourages you to be strong in times of need. It eliminates energetic blockages, relieves tension, helps to strengthen your aura, and helps to stimulate growth on all levels. This stone will also help you recognise the things that need attention in your life.

You can purchase your own mahogany obsidian crystal here.



Morganite is a powerful, high vibrational stone of unconditional love. It cleanses the emotional body of stress, anxiety, old wounds, and hidden traumas, inspiring the awareness that your suffering and pain served a higher purpose within your spiritual growth journey. This crystal will also attract the abundance of love into your life and encourages loving thoughts, actions, considerations, and being receptive to love from others. It inspires joy and reverence for life, and increases opportunities that allow one to experience the unconditional love of the Divine.

You can purchase your own morganite crystal here.


Ocean Jasper

Ocean jasper is an uplifting, gentle, and extremely nurturing stone, that soothes your mind, body, and spirit. It holds the energy of the ocean within it, and provides you with a sense of comfort. Ocean jasper will fill you with positive energy, encouraging you to embrace love and joy. Its soft and loving energies will pick you up if you're feeling a little low or run down, and will encourage you to make yourself a priority and to embrace self-care. Ocean jasper also helps to release stress and tension, which increases your happiness, and teaches you to go with the flow of life.

You can purchase your own ocean jasper crystal here.


Opal Aura Quartz

If you're feeling a little down in the dumps lately, aura opal quartz, also known as angel aura quartz, is the perfect crystal for you; it is a bringer of joy, optimism, and hope. Opal aura quartz contains the properties of clear quartz, as it adapts to the energy requirements of the person who needs it. Its high vibration of platinum allows you to access your spirit guide and the energy of the angels. Opal aura quartz cleanses and strengthens your aura, and attracts friends and lovers to you, as well as strengthening the bonds that you already have in your life.

You can purchase your own opal aura quartz crystal here.


Orange Calcite

Orange calcite is a powerful energy amplifier and cleanser that has the ability to build up your physical, emotional, and mental balance in order for you to function at full capacity. It can boost your vitality, your sexual energy, and your ability to self-heal by increasing the flow of positive energy in your body so negative energies will be dispelled. Orange calcite will help you leave behind old behaviours and ways of thinking and help you accept change. It is a stone that will help you through depression, phobias, and anxiety, and protect you from self-inflicted harm.

You can purchase your own orange calcite crystal here.


Orchid Calcite

Orchid calcite is the stone of promise that opens you up to becoming more idealistic, and is refreshing for the mind, body, and spirit. It encourages you to take steps forward instead of backwards, raising your confidence and courage. This stone will ease your fears and worries, helping you through anxieties and emotional upset. Orchid calcite brings calmness and settledness, helping you to root yourself in order to become more grounded, focused, and positive for your promising future. This stone can also help to lift your spirits and bring about a more joyous mood.

You can purchase your own orchid calcite crystal here.


Pink Amethyst

Pink amethyst opens the heart chakra for giving and receiving love and friendship. It is the perfect crystal for promoting positive self-image, self-esteem, self-love, and self-empowerment. Pink amethyst encourages you to express yourself and be open to others. It heals old and new trauma from this lifetime and past lives, and also heals and releases your inner child. Being a natural stress reliever, it is amazing for encouraging inner strength, spirituality, and intuition. Pink amethyst also provides comfort for those at times of loss or grief, helps in meditation to find inner peace, and aids in getting a good night's sleep.

You can purchase your own pink amethyst crystal here.


Pink Calcite

Pink calcite, also known as mangano calcite, is a stone of forgiveness that releases fear and grief that the heart once trapped in the past, bringing about unconditional love. This stone encourages the acceptance of love, and aids in self-acceptance and self-worth. It is a powerful stress reliever that soothes away anxiety and tension, providing you with peace and serenity; this can aid in reducing nightmares. Pink calcite is a very beneficial crystal for anyone who is suffering, or has suffered from, emotional trauma.

You can purchase your own pink calcite crystal here.



Pyrite is known as 'fool's gold' and is considered a symbol of luck and fortune; it attracts wealth, prosperity, and abundance into your life. It also aids in motivation, increases your focus, and boosts your determination and will-power. This golden stone can also help you make thoughtful business and financial decisions. Pyrite is a very protective stone that shields you and the space around it from negative energy, as well as helping you to release inhibiting patterns of behaviour. It also boosts your confidence, and is a very powerful stone for manifestation.

You can purchase your own pyrite crystal here.


Rainbow Moonstone

Rainbow moonstone embodies the energy of the moon and the Divine Feminine, which enhances your confidence, and increases serenity within your life. It has a powerful yet calming vibration that provides psychic protection, enhances intuition, and brings harmony and balance into your life. It is a very effective transformational stone, that will ease away the stress and anxiety that you may experience during a transitional period. Rainbow moonstone also clears and stills the mind, encouraging a relaxing and peaceful night's sleep.

You can purchase your own rainbow moonstone crystal here.


Red Jasper

Red jasper is an extremely nurturing stone that carries a strong grounding energy, assisting in reconnecting you with the Earth. It promotes balance, stability, courage, and wisdom. It has a high spiritual energy that increases your focus, endurance, and stamina. Red jasper is a fiery stone of passion in both love and creative work - its energy can help you manifest new ideas, help you focus, and will give you the strength to chase your goals and dreams. Red jasper also enhances your self-confidence, and reminds you of your beliefs and principles.

You can purchase your own red jasper crystal here.


Rose Aura Quartz

Rose aura quartz has all the natural properties that are found in rose quartz, but are magnified by the metals within it. Much like rose quartz, rose aura quartz carries strong love energies, and can be used to enhance your love for romance, friendships, and life itself. It eases pain, transforms energies, calms nerves, and heals the heart. Cleansing your aura with loving energy, this stone draws love to you, enables you to love more fully, and increases your compassion for others.

You can purchase your own rose aura quartz crystal here.


Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is for the hopeless romantics; it's the stone of universal and unconditional love that restores the trust and harmony in relationships, which is an essential process for moving forward and growing. It purifies and opens the heart to magnify love in all forms (self-love, friendship, intimate relationships), and helps with deep inner healing, encouraging feelings of peace. Due to its high frequencies, rose quartz supports your emotional wellbeing and can be used to soothe negative emotions by bringing love into your life and deepening your connections with your loved ones.

You can purchase your own rose quartz crystal here.



Gaze upon the beautiful Moon Goddess, Selene, herself with this selenite crystal. Selenite is a calming stone that instills deep peace within your whole being. It clears confusion and helps you to make sometimes difficult judgements. Selenite embodies a high vibration energy that helps you to bring light down from the higher realms into the physical body, promoting purity and honesty. It compels whoever's holding it to be honest with themselves, and delivers clarity of mind by clearing energy blockages.

You can purchase your own selenite crystal here.


Smokey Quartz

Smokey quartz is one of the most powerful grounding stones that also raises the vibrations in your surroundings. This stone neutralises negative energies and emotions, relieves stress, and reduces nightmares. It teaches you to leave behind anything that no longer serves you, alleviating fear and replacing it with calmness. Smokey quartz can be used to provide clear insight, and to neutralise the fear of failure. This stone also cleanses the root chakra so that passion can flow naturally.

You can purchase your own smokey quartz crystal here.


Snow Quartz

Snow quartz has a soft, feminine energy which can be used to align and balance the chakras. It can help you let go of overwhelming responsibilities and limitations that you may be facing. Snow quartz teaches you patience, helps you to think before you speak, and also provides mental clarity and alertness when used in meditation. Snow quartz is appropriate to use wherever clear quartz would be used - it is slower and gentler than clear quartz but is still extremely effective.

You can purchase your own snow quartz crystal here.



Sodalite is a natural amplifier that can help to enhance energies that you desire in your life, and can also help to balance your existing energies - it can therefore be amazing for those who experience mood swings. This crystal stone encourages connection to your intuition, rationality, and spiritual guidance, and protects you from darkness, keeping you focused on light and love. Sodalite gives you the strength and the energy boost that you need to communicate effectively with your higher consciousness, as well as helping you to speak your personal truth.

You can purchase your own sodalite crystal here.


Strawberry Calcite

Strawberry calcite is known as a powerful cleanser; it clears emotional blockages and elevates the spirit. It is a stone of protective, grounding, and stabilising energies, which helps to reduce stress and fears. This stone increases your motivation and will-power, helping to rid you of any unproductivity that you may be facing. Strawberry calcite brings positive vibrations into your space, and releases any negativity. This crystal increases inner strength, and also attracts love, passion, and sensuality towards you.

You can purchase your own strawberry calcite crystal here.


White Feldspar

White feldspar is a stone that provides you with feminine, moon and Goddess energy, assisting you to increase your self-respect, self-esteem, and self-awareness, as well as helping you to honour your sexuality and your ability to create new life. This stone will help you if you have the habit of choosing the wrong partner, by assisting you to acknowledge that you are valued as yourself and not as an extension of someone else. White feldspar can also aid in easing the pain of menstruation.

You can purchase your own white feldspar crystal here.


We hope you found this blog post useful + that you find some beautiful crystals that you feel drawn to. Happy healing! <3

*Please read our disclaimer before choosing crystals for any healing purposes*

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