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Earth Day 2020

Today is #EarthDay🌍 ; a time to remind ourselves how small we are in this crazy, big world. And what better way to celebrate Earth Day than with crystals that come from the Earth itself?

There are several ways that you can incorporate your crystals into your Earth Day to make you feel more uplifted and more connected with this world that we call home. You can also do these without a crystal too - we will be selling ours very very soon🌙

Meditate in your garden whilst holding your favourite crystal. Practice your breathing & feel yourself connecting with the Earth and feeling more grounded✨

Hold your favourite crystal & thank the Earth for three things that you are grateful for✨

Set a positive intention for the Earth, for example that you will try to reduce your personal impact on the environment where possible✨

Enjoy this special day to re-connect with the Earth & to feel grateful amongst all the chaos that we find ourselves in at this moment in time 🌏

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