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The Magic of Abalone Shells

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

An Introduction to Abalone Shells

Abalone are a type of mollusk that cling to rocks near to shore. Abalone shells are tremendously durable - they survive the most rough seas as the protein within the shells absorbs any hit, and the calcium carbonate in the shells keeps it from shattering.

Abalone shells are magical objects in themselves, as they have lots of healing powers and energies. They can also aid you in your cleansing rituals, and help you take them to the next level.


The Healing Energies of Abalone Shells

Abalone shells are a symbol of strength and beauty. When using an abalone shell as part of a cleansing ritual, it amplifies the cleansing aid's power. They calm your emotions, protect your energy, and shield you and your home from negative vibrations. Abalone shells also heighten your psychic abilities and protect your aura. Abalone shells bring harmony and balance to relationships, as they enhance communication and co-operation. Their warm and gentle vibration enhances feelings of peace, compassion, and love.


How to Use Abalone Shells

You can simply keep abalone shells in your home, just as you would with crystals, to feel their energies.

You can also incorporate them in your cleansing rituals by using a shell as an ash tray, catching any debris that may fall from your chosen cleansing tool. Using an abalone shell in your cleansing ritual will help amplify your cleansing aid's powers, as well as any intentions that you are putting into the universe while cleansing. If you wanted to, you could also leave your cleansing aid burning in the shell after completing your cleansing ritual, however if you do so, do not leave it unattended, as this will be a fire hazard. To learn more about the different types of cleansing tools you can use, please read our blog post entitled 'Cleansing Your Crystals'.

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