Stunning rose aura quartz raw crystal.


Weight: approx 50g

Size: approx L: 4cm x W: 2.5cm x H: 2.5cm


Please DM us on Instagram (@RockGoddessCrystals) if you would like to see a video of this crystal in natural light, as it can sometimes be hard to capture the true beauty and colour of some crystals.


Rose aura quartz has all the natural properties that are found in rose quartz, but are magnified by the metals within it. Much like rose quartz, rose aura quartz carries strong love energies, and can be used to enhance your love for romance, friendships, and life itself. It eases pain, transforms energies, calms nerves, and heals the heart. Cleansing your aura with loving energy, this stone draws love to you, enables you to love more fully, and increases your compassion for others.

Rose Aura Quartz Raw Crystal #4