Beautiful medium angelite heart.


Please note: Our angelite hearts are not sold as seen. Shapes, sizes, + colours may vary slightly, + some may have inclusions of other minerals within them. You will recieve one unique angelite heart that will be intuitively chosen for you, with the approximate weight and size stated below:


Weight: approx 20-30g

Size: approx L: 3.5-4cm, W: 3.5cm, H: 0.3-0.5cm


*may have imperfections (eg. other mineral inclusions) due to it being a natural product*


Please DM us on Instagram (@RockGoddessCrystals) if you would like to see a video of this crystal in natural light, as it can sometimes be hard to capture the true beauty and colour of some crystals.


Angelite enhances your connection with your angels, spirit guides, and the divine realm, and aids in connecting you to your higher self. It encourages you to come home to yourself and feel the presence of angels, so you will never feel alone again. Angelite provides protection and helps you to speak your truth, as well as helping you to be more compassionate and accepting, especially of things that can't be changed. Angelite creates a deep feeling of peace and tranquility, soothing away your worries and stresses.

Medium Angelite Heart