Carry a little love + protection with you at all times with our XS rose quartz angels.


Please note: Our rose quartz angels are not sold as seen. Shapes, sizes & colours may vary slightly, & some may have inclusions of other minerals within them.You will recieve one unique rose quartz angel, with the approximate weight and size stated below:


Weight: approx 5g

Size: approx L: 3cm, W: 1cm


*may have imperfections (eg. other mineral inclusions) due to it being a natural product*


Rose quartz is for the hopeless romantics; it's a stone of universal love that restores the trust and harmony in relationships, which is an essential process for moving forward and growing. It purifies and opens the heart to magnify love in all forms (self-love, friendship, intimate relationships), and helps with deep inner healing, encouraging feelings of peace. Due to its high frequencies, rose quartz supports your emotional wellbeing and can be used to soothe negative emotions by bringing love into your life and deepe